How dental plans workHOW DENTAL PLANS WORK:
Insurance works like a valuable “coupon” that can greatly reduce the costs of dental care. No dental benefit plan is designed to completely cover all of the costs.
Almost all dental plans are a result of a contract between an employer and an insurance company. The benefits provided by any given dental plan have been agreed upon by the employer with the insurer. Employers generally choose to cover some, but not all, of employees’ dental costs. If you are not satisfied with the coverage provided by your insurance, let your employer know.

It is important for patients to understand what their insurance plan will cover, at what percentages, frequencies, and if there are any limitations, deductibles or waiting periods. Your dental card will have a phone number you can call to learn about the benefits of your particular plan.

Our role, and main goal, is to help you take good care of your teeth. We will advise, educate, encourage and treat any conditions as necessary. Filing insurance claims on your behalf is simply an additional service we offer as a courtesy.
Your insurance card should be presented to the dental office at the time of the visit in order for dental claims to be filed, however it is important to understand that you – the person requesting services from the dentist – are ultimately responsible for payment. You will be billed for the difference after insurance payments are received, which typically takes 3-4 weeks after the claim has been filed.

It is never advisable to put off routine dental care or necessary procedures for lack of insurance coverage. Postponing care can, and usually will, result in worsened conditions and higher costs for treatment. Consider the care and maintenance you provide for your vehicle, home and other important assets; your HEALTH is your most valuable asset of all!